Art with Stomachs and Intestines

Marlen Seubert has been experimenting with cow stomachs and intestines in her art for 30 years. In many painstaking steps artworks for museums and galleries and installations are created.

The artist was born in 1945 in Schongau / Lech. She attended the Werkkunstschule Würzburg, as well as the College of Design. Today she lives and works in Bad Marienberg (Westerwald). Her works have been shown in numerous galleries and museums.

Since the beginning of the 90s Marlen Seubert has been researching and working on new media and a new way of artistic expression. In 1992 she discovered by chance a disposable product of the meat industry: cow udders and stomachs, later also gold beater skins of beef, small intestines and pig bladders. Objects stretched on wood are created. Their color is yellowish brown, some are lighter, others are darker. Their surface is uneven. "Their surface with humps and hollows make us think of Rodin's famous saying about sculpture, alone there are no large coherent surfaces, each element is also a whole in itself" (Marlene Lauter).

What may make one shudder is the selection and assembling of the material. But Seubert's approach is reminiscent of the principle of the old chambers of art and curiosities in Renaissance humanism.