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New Artist | Bettina Hachmann

Bettina Hachmann was born in Geldern in 1967. Raised in Flensburg, she now lives and works again in the Lower Rhine. Since 2004 her studio is locat...

New | Design-Objects

Design Object by Loft43 Gallery-Cooperation with Loft43, Cologne Design Object 1920-1980 + Industriedesign Since this December 2020 the galler...

New | Booklet available

The new gallery booklet shows many artworks of the 20 artists of our gallery. On a total of 46 pages collectors and art lovers get a wonderful ove...

Schloss Johannisberg

Since September 2020 you can find the gallery in Bad Ems. More precisely: in the Johannisberg Castle. The building is about 120 years old. On 150 ...

Local Art Trade 4.0

Artists have an innate desire to produce art and to show it. But the days when artists went to gallery owners with their portfolios and works are l...

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by Bettina Hachmann

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