Gallery Booklet 2020

[Jan 2020] In this booklet collectors will find an overview of all the artists we currently represent. 38 pages // 17 artists // more than 60 illustrations // format 19 x 15cm. If interested, the booklet can be ordered at cost price of 16,90€. A short mail is sufficient.  

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Visit in the artists world

[März 2020] Behind the scenes of the gallery world, the artists work in their studios day after day. The photos we publish here show, besides brushes and canvas, the passion of the artists for their work. A wonderful world of colors, which remains closed to most collectors.

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"Der Preis ist, was wir bezahlen. Der Wert ist, was wir bekommen."

Warren Buffet (geb. 1930)



All works shown here were photographed by us. Colour fastness and details are very important to us. However, it cannot be excluded that there are minimal color deviations between the original and the photo. If you would like to see more photos before purchasing, we will be happy to send them to you. Just give us a call or send us an e-mail.   


The works in the gallery, as well as in the online shop, are unique. Some few works are multiples with very small editions. As a gallery we guarantee the authenticity of the works, which we also certify.  


We ship worldwide. The buyer bears the shipping costs in principle. We guarantee the safest and at the same time most economical shipping. Shipping costs are passed on to the collector without surcharge.