Artworks from Italy
Moreno Ugo now lives and works in Malcesine, Italy. Previously he worked for 17 years in Cordoba, Argentina. In his works, two elements combine in an ideal synthesis: the typical form of Renaissance frescoes and abstract painting. The ancient world of the myths of the gods, the Mediterranean thought, all this is concentrated in the works of this artist.
It is no coincidence that Moreno Ugo's artistic training began at the Padua Art School and was completed at the Venice Academy with the participation in courses of the artist Emilio Vedova, one of the most internationally recognized artists of abstract expressionism, and the master of Pino Ponti in the surrealist group. The experience of living in Argentina from 2009 to 2017, human and environmental experiences that can cause moments of breakdown and doubt, are the origin of many works.


Moreno Ugo
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