Opportunity for collectors and artists

Chance für Sammler und Künstler

The online trade has taken on an important role for the art market and has further increased its importance in recent years. Here are some aspects that illustrate the importance of online trade for the art market:

Accessibility : Online commerce enables art lovers around the world to discover and purchase works of art, regardless of their location. This makes the art market more global and more accessible.

Diversity : Online trading gives artists and galleries the opportunity to offer a greater variety of artworks. There are platforms where both established artists and emerging talent can showcase their work.

Transparency : Online trading offers greater transparency in terms of prices and information about works of art. Potential buyers can obtain detailed information about an artwork, such as size, materials, technique and the artist's background.

Marketing opportunities : Online trading offers artists and galleries an additional platform to market their works and increase their reach. Social media and online marketing allow them to showcase their art to a wider audience.

Sales Potential : E-commerce has the potential to expand the art market and increase sales of artworks. Artists and galleries can increase their sales by selling directly to collectors and art lovers.

It is important to note that online commerce does not completely replace the traditional art market, but complements it. Many buyers still prefer personal contact and the opportunity to view artworks in a gallery or at art fairs. However, e-commerce offers an additional way to discover and acquire works of art and has thus expanded and democratized the art market.

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