The gallery was founded in January 2017 in the Agnesviertel in Cologne. In September 2020, it moved to Schloss Johannisberg in Bad Ems. The gallery has been in Aschaffenburg since April 1, 2023. Due to its good geographical location, the gallery is very easy to reach for art lovers from the metropolis of Frankfurt.

The "eine art galerie" in Aschaffenburg is a unique art gallery that is characterized by its diverse and careful selection of artists from all over the world. With a wide range of styles, techniques and media, the gallery currently represents 29 talented and renowned artists who all share a passion for contemporary art.

What particularly distinguishes "eine art galerie" is its increasing focus on online presence and distribution. At a time when digital platforms are playing an increasingly important role in the art market, the gallery has recognized that presenting its works online offers an effective way to reach a global audience and give artists more visibility.

Through its online platform, "eine art galerie" offers art lovers from all over the world the opportunity to discover and purchase the works of the artists represented.

The gallery regularly presents new exhibitions and collections, presenting a diverse selection of contemporary art in different styles and genres.

Another advantage of the "eine art galerie" online platform is the opportunity to establish direct contact with the artists and learn more about their works and artistic processes. This personal connection between artists and collectors creates a unique and enriching experience for everyone involved and promotes a lively and dynamic art community.

Through its efforts to develop into a preeminent online platform for contemporary art, "eine art galerie" contributes to making the diversity and beauty of contemporary art accessible to a wider audience and supporting the careers of emerging artists. With its commitment to excellence, diversity and innovation, the gallery remains an important destination for art lovers and collectors around the world.

The gallery represents contemporary artists from all over the world. Japan, Canada, USA, France, Italy, Slovenia, Spain... and of course Germany. What they have in common is the high quality of their work. The works can be viewed on site in the gallery upon request, but can also be purchased directly online. Shipping is generally also possible worldwide by arrangement.