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Nikola Rajić is a multimedia artist from Split, Croatia, born in 1966. His artistic expression is permeated by the idea of ​​visualization, emotion through the medium of art and the exploration of visual aesthetics and processes of image creation. He does this powerfully, experimentally, expressively and uses the medium in unusual ways. He expresses himself through painting, photography, relief or sculpture installation. Rajić changes media and techniques, combines the shine of new and the rust of old metal, harmonizes canvas and wood. The dialogue is led by the assemblage and spatial installation in the colors black and red.

Krist Dimo

The mute ones

Poetic paintings of "mutes" who are always ready to live in a world that involves the supernatural. The eyes are a whirlpool that erodes the interior of our peace. Angels looking for our weakest link. They penetrate our intimacy by shaking up our value before it is shattered. They always give us time and eternity, never enough to feel the infinite point and never to feel the comparison with the nothingness that we are when we end our wandering state.

Anatomy of a work

Jürgen Schemetat, 2024

In this new work by Schemetat, the anatomy of the work can be wonderfully shown in all its delicate details.

Materials used: Marble powder filler, modeled with spatula, plant parts inserted, acrylic emulsion, stains, oil and pigments.

Color field painting

Color field painting

Centmayer received a lot of attention through sculptures in public spaces (including a memorial to the civilian victims of the bombing raids on Worms). He likes to use corrugated cardboard boxes as a medium. Labyrinths, chaos, order, structure, color and line are the recurring content and at the same time visual means. The work is based on experimentation and discovery, not on calculation. The intuitively controlled design process of his sculptures can also be found in his paintings.

A composer of surfaces + lines

Bernd Kalusche

Bernd Kalusche is a Germany-based artist, born in 1948, whose paintings are exhibited nationally, in Austria and in Luxembourg. He characterizes his work as the embodiment of the "unconditional search for beauty." Furthermore, Kalusche's distinctive abstractions are permeated with statements rather than narratives. For him, art is a process through which he “fights” his way into an image.

Art goes online every day

The gallery was founded in January 2017 in the Agnesviertel in Cologne. The move to Johannisberg Castle in Bad Ems followed in September 2020. The gallery has been in Aschaffenburg since April 1, 2023. Due to its good geographical location, the gallery is very easy to reach for art lovers from the metropolis of Frankfurt. However, the location of the gallery is becoming less and less important. The gallery, like the art market, is developing more and more quickly towards the online art market. Therefore, the online representations and presentation of the works are very important to us.

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