Bjørn Treuter

Björn Treuter is a painter and photographer who lives and works in Friedrichshafen, Germany. He was born in 1967 and his passion for art led him to develop a unique style of graphic and pop painting inspired by contemporary street art.

His artistic approach is characterized by a bold exploration of bright colors and dynamic shapes. Bjoern is inspired by the aesthetics of street art, where urban art meets traditional art. His work is characterized by the creative use of textures, layers and juxtapositions to create visually stimulating works.

Björn Treuter has managed to fuse the world of contemporary art with the influence of street art and thus create his own artistic language. His works pay homage to urban culture, the energy of the streets and the vibrancy of modern life.

"I try to create contemporary witnesses, images of our time that reflect an ailing society in a corrupt system. The retreat and flight of the individual, threatened by the 'ever bigger and faster' and the resulting excessive demands on people, are my art themes ."

Exhibitions (selection)

05/2011 one foot in the grave, Icosahedron Gallery Manhattan NYC

06/2013 bushwick art open, Brooklyn NYC

05/2017 artbox project basel 1.0, Basel

09/2022 art san diego, San Diego

12/2023 miami art weeks, Miami