Jorge Stever

Born in Germany (*1940 in Templin), he lived and worked in Caracas/Venezuela since 1974, where he died on October 23, 2019. His last exhibition was entitled "The Dignity of Silence" in the Eine Art Galerie, then still in Cologne.

Jorge Stever, painter and sculptor as he is often called, is one of our best known visual artists, pontor and sculptor who studied philosophy and art history in Frankfurt and Munich (Germany). In 1972 he took part in the "Documenta 5″ (Kassel, Germany) and in 1973 exhibited together with Jasper Johns in the Darmstadt Museum and in the Kunsthalle in Cologne, in the Museum of Modern Art in Helsinki, in the Museum of Modern Art in Stockholm and in the Weingarten Gallery in Stockholm.He lived in Venezuela that year and has since exhibited as a Venezuelan artist.His work is categorized as Lyrical Abstraction or New Realism, with clear Informalist influences.

He has been featured in numerous publications in Europe and America as one of the pioneers of hyperrealism. In 1974 he exhibited again at the Weingarten Gallery in Stockholm, together with Lynn Chadwick, and at the Kunsthalle Recklinghausen, where he received the National Painting Prize that year. He also takes part in the III. Triennial of New Delhi (India), where he receives the gold medal.

Exhibitions (selection)

2017 eine art galerie,  Cologne
2014 Alejandro Freitas Gallery, Caracas
1973 O.K. Harris Gallery, New York
1972 Documenta 5, Kassel

Anasasi, 1990

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Untitled, 1974 - from "Light + Space" series

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