Nikola Rajic

Nikola Rajić is a multimedia artist from Split, Croatia, born in 1966. His artistic expression is permeated by the idea of ​​visualization, emotion through the medium of art and the examination of visual aesthetics and image creation processes. He does this powerfully, experimentally, expressively and uses the medium in unusual ways. He expresses himself through painting, photography, relief or sculpture installation. Rajić changes media and techniques, combining the shine of new and the rust of old metal, bringing canvas and wood into harmony. The dialogue is guided by the assemblage and spatial installation in the colors black and red. He works with discarded objects from the seashore, objects from the forest, excavated objects and found objects from abandoned houses. With the aim of creating a work through the interaction of different materials, stylistic and iconological approaches. His art, created in an informal style, is much more than just aesthetics. He took part in many art exhibitions and humanitarian activities.

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